My Summer of Unemployment

What I’ve done so far this summer (spoiler: not much).

I don’t know why I started a blog. It doesn’t really have a purpose, besides I guess being a digital, personal journal. Mostly to fill time I think, trying to be more productive and all that. I didn’t know where to start, what should be my first post, so I just decided to write about what I’ve done this summer.

I didn’t really have any plans after graduation. Leading up to May 21st, 2017, I focused on schoolwork. I would once in a while check the job boards and such, but a large part of me didn’t want to jump into a job right away.

Graduation was weird. I didn’t get emotional like some others. It was just kind of a bizarre feeling. Not sadness about leaving Marquette, I knew I would keep in touch with the people I wanted to (and in the age of Facebook, that’s really easy), but it was weird seeing some people for the last time. My major (journalism) was kind of small so I saw most of the same people in my four years of classes, and it struck me that I would likely never see most of those people again. It’s a strange feeling.

Anyway, among my fellow graduates that day, I was probably a minority. It seemed like everyone had a job waiting for him or her or had a plan for when they stepped off that stage. I was content to play it by ear. My plan went as far as moving back home to Green Bay, and look for a job, but take my time doing it.

I’m not crazy about getting a job right out of college, I got the rest of my life for that, you know? I wanted to unwind a little bit, enjoy a summer with no responsibility or cares. And that’s mostly what I’ve done.

Throughout May and June I hunted for jobs, not really knowing what I was looking for but applying nonetheless. Had a couple interviews but nothing panned out. I wasn’t that discouraged. Part of me was glad I didn’t get a job; I was enjoying my summer vacation, the first since 2010 where I didn’t have a job or school to fill my time.

Spent a lot of time reading, watching TV, and checking twitter approximately 4,000 times a day. Would see a movie once in a while, take out my parent’s boat, and so on. On the weekends I’d go to the local bars. Visited my sister in Tennessee for a couple days. Saw Tom Petty at Summerfest (a bucket list item). Probably would be a boring summer to a lot of people, but not to me. One of my favorite things to do is nothing.

On July 9th my mom broke her kneecap in Vail, Colorado. She and my dad were zip lining, on vacation celebrating their 25th anniversary. She had surgery in Vail, and came home bed-ridden, unable to move her leg at all.

Recovery time was about 6-8 weeks, so since then that’s mostly been filling my time. I do my best to take care of her, run errands for her, chauffeur her around. I don’t mind, gives my days more purpose. I stopped looking for jobs for about a month because I couldn’t just leave her all alone while my dad also worked full-time.

She’s tough though and needs me less and less everyday. Soon she’ll be back on the mend soon and working. I’ve started looking for jobs again. As it turns out, it still sucks.

And that pretty much brings us to today. Its probably only interesting to me, but it had been awhile since I’d written anything and I was starting to get the itch. I don’t know, it feels good to put thoughts onto paper again.

I don’t know how often I’ll write posts for this blog, maybe every day, maybe once a week, who knows. Whenever I feel like it, I guess. I’ve got some ideas for posts that’ll be more interesting and lively than this one, so if you thought this one was boring maybe give the next one a try.

I have no idea how to end a blog post.